Welcome to Calico Flower Studio

Processing life through the lens of mixed media
My name is Dani Michaux Samson, and I'm a mixed media artist. At Calico Flower Studio, I create abstract art, and in doing so, I reflect on life through the lens of my practice. As an artist, I like to demystify my work by documenting the process and sharing it with you. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, we are all touched by art. My hope is that our connection will inspire an appreciation for art and some good food for thought.

Enjoy the Process on my YouTube Channel

Upcoming Events

Connect with me in-person at the event below. At my booth, I will be showcasing artwork and selling handmade merchandise. I hope to see you there! đź“… Art & Beer Night Market LA February 8th, 2024 5PM - 10PM đź“Ť Boomtown Brewery 700 Jackson Street Los Angeles, CA 90012

Handmade Merchandise